Mug Up Meditation Experience
An Outdoor Meditation & Mindfulness Experience
As Unique As Our Island

What is a Mug Up Meditation?

When was the last time you took a minute to Just Be? 


It’s tough to find time and space to breathe in our chaotic world. But connecting with our sense of self is essential to living a happy, grounded life. 


Introducing the Mug-Up Meditation Experience: a 2-hour journey where you’ll rediscover the beauty of nature, a newfound sense of community, and most importantly… 





Hey, I’m Lindsay.

I created the Mug Up Meditation Experience as part of my mission to build connection and community.  A  Mug Up Meditation is a fun and unique way to learn how to combat stress and overwhelm while adding a new tool to use as part of a self care practice as well as a way to help build a blueprint to a healthier life that we desire and deserve. 


As a busy mom and owner of Central Wellness, I know how hard it is to find even a moment of quality “you” time. 


But if all my mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing training have taught me anything, it’s this: 


You’re well worth the investment


And sometimes, finding balance and connectivity can be as simple as stepping out into nature. 


What’s in a Mug Up?


Your Mug Up Experience begins with a light hike towards the ocean’s edge. 


As we walk, I’ll inspire you to engage your senses and take in the magic of the touches, aromas, and tastes of our surroundings.


Feel the ground beneath your feet and the wind caress your face as it dances through the leaves. Breathe in the sweet smells of berries, bark, and earth. Listen to a beautiful symphony of chirping birds, crashing waves, and blissful silence. 


After arriving at our meditation grounds, we collect branches and driftwood to start a crackling fire. 


And as we gather round, I’ll remind you of the Mug Up’s only rule: 


There is no judgement here. You are here to just be. 


Next, I bring you through each of the seven major chakras, followed by a guided Self Chakra Connection meditation. This is a deep and powerful session that brings us into the alignment and balance we oh-so-dearly crave. 


If we’re lucky, some of our natural friends – an eagle, a whale, or even a simple bumblebee – may join in with us. 


Our experience concludes with a traditional Newfoundland mug up. Indulge in a piping cup of local coffee or tea paired with freshly baked goods and toutons with molasses. 


This is a time to honour whatever you feel. Take a moment to journal, meander along the coastline, or, if you’re comfortable, share a story or offer support in a meaningful chat. 

Created for anyone & everyone 

The Mug Up Experience is designed for all of us to take a moment to reconnect. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to meditation or have been practicing for years. My goal is to create a beautiful, welcoming space that makes you feel at ease.


Every Mug Up Meditation is unique and inspired by the energy of the people in the circle, sometimes with its own special theme. 


I’ve created these sessions not to eliminate the stressors in life, but to offer you a tool and a practice that builds resilience and strength. The result? A new, peaceful way to deal with stress in your day-to-day.  


Self-care starts with showing up… And there’s no better way to love yourself than with a hot drink, the smell of the sea, and a slow, intentional breath. 


Join us for the next Mug Up to release your worries and find a new sense of joy. 



Corporate and private bookings 

You can join our public Mug Ups at any time, by yourself or with a loved one. All are welcome here. 


But what if you’re seeking a unique experience with the people in your life who matter most, or need for a way to bring team relationships to a whole new level? 


Some of my favourite Mug Ups have been, birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, and corporate team-building events (or even just because!). 


Because there’s no better way to solidify foundations than BEing together… and nothing as special as connecting with your favourites in a whole new way. 



Join me for a Mug Up moment

There’s nothing like filling your cup (literally and metaphorically) as your senses dance with pleasure from the simple magic that surrounds you. Truly living in the present, free from the pressure of what came before and what’s coming next. 


And if you ask me, meditation, the great outdoors, and coffee are the trifecta of self-love and care here on our island. 


How will a Mug Up inspire you to live a happier, healthier life? I hope you’ll join me and find out. 



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