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Join Lindsay And The Chakra Crew
On A Journey Of Self-Discovery & Transformation
Crystal Salt
The series exceeded my expectations. Through the teachings, the journal prompts and meditations, I was able to strengthen my practice in the most loving environment.

- Chakra Series Student, Winter 2023

What is the Chakra Series?

This immersive and invigorating series incorporates a practical learning experience that helps you understand each of the 7 Chakras, all while applying them to yourself and your own journey. Once completed, you will have a better understanding of self and will have new tools to take with you everyday that will help you take on the world's challenges. 

Why Enroll In The Chakra Series?

As we approach this beautiful season, our days slow down and the environment is changing around us. Just as the colours deepen and the leaves let go, this can be a time of transformation, healing and self-discovery. If you have been feeling off-balance, like you want to invest in yourself and align with the truest version within, the time is now. Come on a journey with Lindsay and the Chakra Crew, a journey of connection and transformation. ​ 

Don't hesitate! This incredible series is now offered for a limited time, at a reduced price of only $111.00!
But don't hesitate because as part of CYBER Week I am being super generous and letting you enroll for $97 until DECEMBER 3) Giving this as a Gift -
Send our team an email at to Set up a special gift enrollment.

That is less than $15 per week. For less than a cup of coffee per day, you could be making the ultimate investment in yourself. 
Your Enrollment In This 7 Week Series Includes:
  • 8 60 Minute Virtual Sessions:  This is where we introduce, open and workshop through a new Chakra each week
  • A deep dive into the power of Affirmations
  • Understanding the Principles of Manifestation - to help you build a blueprint for YOUR life!
  • 21 Guided Virtual Meditations (yours to keep forever!)
  • Daily Journal Prompts to amplify these practices, uncover your true self and inspire you during the week
  • An Interactive Guide who is passionate and committed to your personal journey. 
  • Bonus Guests throughout the series - May include: Sound Bowl Healing, Feng Shui, Nutrition, ChakraTeas, etc.. (Valued at over $600)
Colorful Crystal
The 7 Main Energy Centres -The Chakras
Each week we will open a new chakra during our virtual session. We will then spend that week working through and learning more about how that energy centre feels and how it affects you.
How To Heal And Unblock Trauma And Stuck Emotions
As we learn more about what the themes of each chakra carry, we can then begin to unblock and heal through meditation and journalling. This is where the transformation begins. You Deserve this!
Develop A Meditation Practice That Aligns With Your Goals
As you begin this series, you are showing up for yourself in a brand new way, you are creating awareness, forming new habits and routines and welcoming new ways to create a life that feels
What Can You Look Forward To?

From understanding the Root Chakra's grounding power to embracing the Crown Chakra's spiritual connection, we will delve into each chakra's significance, teaching techniques to unblock and heal. Together we will discover how to bring balance into your everyday life.​

I invite and encourage you to put yourself first this fall, show up for YOU and join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let's embrace the power of our chakras together and awaken the vibrant energy that resides within us!​
What is the investment from you?​ In addition to the all-inclusive, reduced rate of $111.00, all that is required is that you carve out time for YOU.  Show up for YOURSELF. ​
Location: A favorite space, wherever feels good for you.  ​
Time: We kick off on Sunday, January 21, 2024 @9:30 AM(NST)
Weekly Chakra Sessions* - Sunday Mornings 9:30am (NST)
Morning Meditations* - Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:15 Am (NST) All meditations are recorded so that you can practice at a time that is best for you.
4 Bonus Workshops+ - TBA closer to launch day.
This full series is recorded for lifetime access, making it an accessible and self paced journey.  ​
Who Is Your Guide For The Chakra Series?
Lindsay Phillips Oates, n.d, ReikiMaster/Teacher
Founder & CEO at Central Wellness & The MUGUP Meditation Experience
Lindsay is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Naturotherapist, Yoga/Mindfulness Teacher and Meditation Guide.  Lindsay operates a natural therapy practice, hosts wellness retreats and has spent more than a decade gaining professional experience in the world of wellness and mindfulness. She is someone who embraces her own personal development which is clearly illustrated throughout this series and in her everyday life.

"Lindsay teaches in a way that makes you feel like it is just you and her, a true safe place to land."
I Am READY, Sign Me Up!
I am so excited to spend this time with you!
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