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New Year, Empowered YOU

For those of us on the Northern Hemisphere, we are getting ready for the coziness of winter.  Why not let it be one of  transformation, healing and self-discovery. Beginning Sunday January 21, 2024 we will begin our Winter Edition of the Chakra Series.  I will be guiding you on a journey of self love, inner balance and alignment through the fascinating world of chakras!  Don't Let another year pass by without doing this for yourself. You deserve to learn more about who you are, what brings you joy and how to make each day your best.

 What you can look forward to: 

From understanding the root chakra's grounding power to embracing the crown chakra's spiritual connection, I'll be delving into each chakra's significance, teaching techniques to unblock and heal, and discovering how to bring balance into your everyday life.

I invite and encourage you to put yourself first this fall, show up for YOU and join me on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Let's embrace the power of our chakras together and awaken the vibrant energy that resides within us!

What is the investment from you?

In addition to the all-inclusive, reduced rate of $111, all that is required is that you carve out time for YOU, You show up for YOURSELF.

Location: Virtual Classroom for you to choose a space that feels good for you.  Best enjoyed in a quiet environment so that you can really tune into and embrace each lesson and meditation.  

Time: We kick off on Sunday January 21st at 9:30 am NST

Weekly Chakra Sessions* - Sundays at 9:30 am (any changes will be communicated before hand)

Morning Meditations* - Tuesday and Thursday Mornings @6:15 -6:45am (NST) with recordings sent out immediately following.

4 Bonus Workshops+ - To add more value to this amazing series, I invite guest facilitators to offer you their subject of expertise.  ie; Feng shui, Nutrition, movement, cooking classes. and more.

*this full course is recorded for life time access, making this accessible and a self paced journey. 


Guided by Lindsay Phillips Oates, n.d, ReikiMaster/Teacher
Founder & CEO at Central Wellness & The MUGUP Meditation Experiences & Retreats

Lindsay is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Naturotherapist, Yoga/Mindfulness Teacher and Meditation Guide.  Lindsay operates a Natural Therapy Practice, hosts Wellness Retreats and has spent more than a decade gaining professional and personal development which is clearly illustrated throughout this Series. "Lindsay teaches in a way that makes you feel like it is just you and her, a true safe place to land."

In this Chakra Series - We will spend 7 Weeks together

Enrollment Includes:

  • 8 60-75 minute sessions(1/week):  This is where we open and workshop through a new chakra

  • Learning about the power of Affirmations, 

  • Manifesting Principles - to build a blueprint for YOUR life!

  • 21 Meditations (yours forever!)

  • Daily journal prompts to amplify these practices and inspire you during the week

  • A very engaged and interactive guide/coach

  • Bonus Guests throughout the series - Sound Bowl Healing, Feng Shui, Nutrition, ChakraTeas (Valued at over $600)


I am  ready!
Sign me up!

I am so excited to spend this time with you!

Let's Stay Connected

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The series exceeded my expectations. Through the teachings, the journal prompts and meditations, I was able to strengthen my practice in the most loving environment.

- Chakra Series Student, Winter 2023

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