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Summer Serenity

A Virtual Experience

Savor Summer: Embrace the
Season with Purposeful Presence

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Lindsay Shares the Heart of the Summer Serenity Virtual Experience!

Join Lindsay And The Chakra Crew
On A Journey Of Self-Discovery & Transformation

Who Is The Summer Serenity Virtual Experience for?

This experience  is specifically designed for women who are ready to prioritize their well-being, step out of the cycle of busyness, and embrace a more grounded, calm, and intentional way of living. Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily life or simply seeking a moment of rejuvenation, this retreat is for you. Many of these women may identify with the roles listed below. We understand how essential it is for women in these roles to utilize this retreat as an opportunity to not just  fill their cup but to get it overflowing,  recharge, and reconnect with themselves.


We see you shaping minds tirelessly. Who takes care of the caregivers? This one's for you- join us to leave the classroom behind, embrace a summer of intention and presence, to recharge with renewed energy and clarity 


Take a break from the business grind, embrace a summer of intention, presence, and recharge with renewed energy and clarity. Join us to prioritize your well being and elevate your professional journey. When you pour from an overflowing cup, you'll excel in your business like never before. 


Parenting can be all-consuming, take a moment for yourself to reset in order to embrace a summer of mindful connection. Reconnect with renewed energy and create lasting memories 


Prioritize your well being and recharge amidst the demands of your noble work. Join us to embrace intention and presence this summer. 


Meet Lindsay- Your Guide through the Summer Serenity Virtual Expereience

Lindsay is more than just a wellness entrepreneur; she's a beacon of healing and transformation. With her background as a natural therapist, Reiki master, and meditation guide, Lindsay brings a wealth of wisdom and lived experiences to her practice. Her journey through life's challenges has led her to a profound understanding of healing, and she's made it her mission to help others find their back to self.

Are you ready to reclaim your balance, restore your energy, and reconnect with your inner peace? Join us for a transformative experience guided by Lindsay, a heart-centered wellness entrepreneur, and founder of the Virtual Chakra Series.

What To Expect 

This virtual experience is designed to guide you from overwhelm and burnout to reclaiming your day with grounded calmness and intention. During this thoughtfully designed morning retreat (enjoyed from your safe place) , you'll immerse yourself in:

"Amazing quality and value! The series cost less than one traditional therapy session and in many ways felt like my own little therapy session every week."

Summer Series Student 2023

  • Experience a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation


  • Connect with like-minded women on a journey of self-discovery

  • Gain practical tools to integrate into your daily life for lasting well-being

  • Cultivate a renewed sense of purpose and clarity

  • Gain access to workshops from our guest facilitators.

Why This Experience?

What Will The Experience Look Like?

Morning Retreat 

Join us from 8:30-11:45 virtually on June 24th for the transformative kick-off morning retreat of our series, designed to start your journey towards well-being and inner harmony. This immersive experience includes a soothing Sound Bath to release tension, guided Meditation to quiet the mind and reconnect with your essence, Breath work to enhance vitality and relaxation, and a Chakra Workshop for holistic energy alignment. This retreat sets the tone to bring you into a grounded calmness and true presence. This Retreat is best paired with the four week series for the full immersion experience!

Summer Chakra Series 

Keeping going - once the retreat is over, continue into a transformative 4-week journey with our Summer Solstice series.  During our time together,  you'll enjoy exclusive access to morning meditations centered around the chakras, designed to balance and align your energy centers each day. Enhance your self-discovery and reflection with daily journal prompts, guiding you towards deeper insights and personal growth. Plus, gain invaluable support and guidance as Lindsay herself remains accessible to you throughout the program. This unique combination of chakra-focused meditations, journaling, and personalized mentorship ensures a holistic and enriching experience, empowering you to embrace lasting well-being and intentional living.


Oh and of course we will have our BONUS workshops with guest facilitators to truly amplify the experience.  



Immersive Summer Serenity Experience

This package combines the experiences in 2 & 3.

Kick off your journey with a rejuvenating Morning Retreat on June 24th, featuring chakra-focused activities. Then, dive into four weeks of chakra-specific guided meditations, journal prompts, and personalized support from Lindsay.  She understands the overwhelm and demands and pressure many women, especially mothers and educators, feel at this time of year. Let her guide you from busyness and burnout to intentional, present, and calm living. Reclaim your well-being and enjoy a rejuvenated summer."

PLUS BONUS Guest Facilitators will be announced very soon!

Full Experience Valued over $1200


Morning Retreat Only

Join us for a rejuvenating Morning Retreat on June 24th from 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM (NST), which also serves as the kickoff to our Summer Serenity Series. This virtual experience includes a soothing sound bowl session, guided meditation, mindful movement, and a deeper dive into the 7 main chakras.  This will also be available on recording(lifetime access) if you aren't able to attend live. Designed to take you from burnout and busyness to intentional and calm living, this retreat sets the stage for a summer of presence and

enjoyment. This Retreat is best paired with the 4 week series for our best value and experience.


Summer Chakras Only

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:15 AM, (starting June 25th) start your day with virtual chakra-focused meditations, insightful journal prompts, and personalized guidance from Lindsay. Recordings available for life time access should you not be able to join live.  This series is available on its own but is best paired with the Summer Solstice Morning Retreat.  

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