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Meet Lindsay

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Relaxation/Self Care

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Pregnancy / Postpartum

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Hormonal Imbalances

 Natural Therapies offered at Central Wellness

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We offer:

Natural Therapy is complementary to conventional healthcare treatments.  Receiving a session at Central Wellness, will allow the body to become more relaxed by reducing stress, releasing tension,  increasing circulation, and encouraging the body to heal.  When the mind and body is in a state of relaxation and balance, the efficacy of any medications and treatments significantly improves.   

 Although the natural therapy offered at Central Wellness states clearly that it does not diagnose nor cure specific ailments, they do offer relief and and promotes healing from within.   

How a Natural Therapy Treatment can help

It's me Lindsay,  owner and practitioner here at Central Wellness.
In my teenage years and early adulthood, you would often hear me say “I don’t have a talent - I can’t sing or play an instrument nor do I have enough of a competitive drive to be an athlete".  To which many of my friends and family would respond “ you’re personality is your talent”.  (Insert teenage eye roll here).

They were right.

Bringing light, laughter and healing to those around me has always been my gift, my talent and something that comes naturally to me (through me).  Holding space for those in my life from family and friends to my clients and any one who I get to cross paths with is a true blessing that I hold with the highest honor.

I get a tingly nose and often times a watery eye if  a smile from a stranger is reciprocated or when I offer the simplest act of kindness and hear “thank you”.  Those interactions of “finding kindness” and spreading it is my wish and mission as I dance through this world.  

Since becoming a Certified Foot Reflexologist in 2015 (while 3 months postpartum with our firstborn) I have been consistently continuing my education in the Health and Wellness field by certifying as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Kids Mindfulness and Yoga Instructor,  Meditation Guide, Healing Touch Practitioner, Indian Head Massage, and currently completing Yoga Therapy and Registered Yoga Teacher Training.  

Through each of the above certification programs, I have built not only knowledge and education, I have gained great friendships, mentorships and experience working with other like minded experts in the field.  

I love to facilitate and host Wellness Retreats, Mindful Moment Workshops, with my absolute passion in sharing the power of our Energy Centers - The Chakra system.   

One way I get to do this is through the Mug Up Meditation Experience, during 1:1 sessions at the Cottage Retreat as well as facilitating workshops and retreats.

I am beyond grateful to have this space and this business I am building with You.  It gives me the freedom to serve and to heal, while also having that beautiful balance to live life with my precious family.

My husband and I are gifted with two beautiful daughters and a darling pup. We live outside the City Limits and cherish our time at home, in our greenhouse, hiking, entertaining friends, cooking meals together and going on weekend getaways.
Dancing has always been my favorite way to release and let go with meditation and yoga right there with it.  

Central Wellness is a Safe Space to Land - and I am happy you are here.  I am here for you always in all ways.

Warm Smiles,




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